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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  November 1, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. all right. let's get a check on the weather. you felt the chill. temperatures barely around 50 degrees. we will be in the 40s this evening quickly. visible satellite view show a cloudy sky. very limited breaks of sun. tomorrow a few more peeks of sun. the radar showing a couple of showers, tracking just to the south. south of baltimore county into howard. rist the night still source, drizzles toward the 40s. upper 30s by daybreak. how is that for a cold start? we will have more on how things develop into your weekend. >> thank you. the clean up from sandy continues in new york and new jersey. >> brandy hitt is in lower manhattan with almost no power. >> reporter: three days after sandy made landfall thousands of families in hobeken are still trapped by floodwaters. >> it's really scary. we don't have that much food. we spared a little bit.
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>> reporter: while national guard rescues people stranded here fires continue to burn further south where homes have been flattened. >> you hear the gas, for days,. >> reporter: it's gone in to the streets because crews can't reach the area to turn it off. >> you never really expected this to be this bad. >> reporter: help and relief is being delivered but frustration is growing. at howard beach entire working class neighborhoods have been destroyed and people feel they have been forgotten. >> i have -- red cross, salvation army, fema, nobody. >> reporter: it'll take weeks to recover from the destruction and parts of new york city are still paralyzed. some subway service has returned and it was announced that power will be restored to all of manhattan by saturday. with limited photograph are i can into the city lines for buss are growing people ordered to drive with three passengers
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are stuck in traffic or running out of gas. >> i had this luckyly so i just got out of my car and ran to the nearest gas station. >> reporter: the coast guard is working to bring in more fuel and the marathon is still a go despite criticism that runner runners will go through devastated areas. >> and families could only stand by helplessly as trees came falling down around their homes. this video from long island, john wassing as sandy toppled multiple trees right down the street. the fire then started at the end of the street. just watch the trees. >> furniture and debris all piled up. the devastation is so bad leaders aren't sure how many homes have been impacted. a beach front restaurant, the
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storm surge from sandy sent water crashing through a window. he didn't get help from fema after irene but is hoping will be different this time. >> hopefully even in the state and the government level comes through with their promises to help everybody. right now a lot of people need help. >> after going through a clean up 14 months ago after irene some wonder if they should even rebuild. schools remain closed and power is out in much of the area. help people rebuild, state farm has mobilized their disaster services team. they are sending their mobile command centers eastward to help policy holders start clean up and rebuild. state farm warn warns people to hire reputable contractors and take your time making decisions, do your research and check the bbb reports and
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beware of someone offering unsolicited service with no written contract and only take cash. that could be shady. a lot went out and got sandbags to help protect your home. if you got leftover sandbags around the city would like to take them back. baltimore doesn't want people dumping out the sand so they have set up drop off locations for the extra sandbags. today and tomorrow between ten and seven. you can take them. >> we will continue to cover the aftermath of that storm that left behind. you can log on to the website for information on the clean up. the power outages and more. >> tonight police need your help identitying and finding this man. he is wanted for a sex offense involving a 6 -year-old. police say he is about 5'6''
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with a medium build. his picture was captured biovar vailance where the offense allegedly happened. he may have two gold front teeth, possibly with the letters j on one of them. if you have information contact city police's child abuse unit. anyone with information can remain anonymous maybe have you experienced this. trying to make a call and not being able to get through. >> especially difficult for people in new jersey and new york. what one company is doing to help rethink the impossible. >> and an illegal border crossing caught on tape. you won't believe what happened with this jeep. >> and we continue to see a little sun to the east of baltimore today. over ocean city where the pier is still destroyed. we will have more news after this.
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. taking a look at the markets. good day on wall street. the dow up 136, the nasdaq up almost 43 and the s&p500 up almost 15 and a half. sandy could go down as the
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most expensive storm in united states history. the damage sandy left will have a huge economic impact. it's estimated that she cost about $20 billion in damage and 30 billion in lost business revenue. new york city was hit especially hard by sandy and that city produces about 10% of the country's economic output. by comparison, hurricane katrina cost $40 billion in damage. getting cell phone reception could be easier. at&t and t mobile are agreeing to share networking to help those affected by the storm. it'll let people use whatever network they have. people won't have to pay or do anything. calls will connect through the network with the strongest significant tall signal. and 20,000 flights canceled because of the storm so now the airlines are trying to get back on track. they are rebooking passenger ifs on new flights though some
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airports are still working to clear some of the floodwaters. they are deploying workers to answer the phones and help rebook or cancel tickets for up to two million travelers. >> we have a 4-year-old all fed up with all the talk. how she breaks down after listening to much of -- and the behind the scene, revealing what you will see tonight on the cma awards.
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. still watching sandy spin just to the north. she has changed hour weather pattern. before the weekend talking about temperatures in the 70s, little indian summer, that's gone now. storm this size shifts the entire pattern in the north and
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across the northeast united states. there she is centered up north of new york state and canada. still that wrap around northwest, westerly flow bringing in the chill, bringing in rain and showers across baltimore. just light enough to irritate you that you didn't have the umbrella. couple of wintery type. the peak rainfall, they were right around the bay, southern maryland. on the lower eastern shore. we had ten inch plus totals action a foot of rain in easton. we may have had 14 inches, one of the hardest hit towns and across baltimore a half foot of rain. some of that is raining off, rain in pennsylvania, rain across parts of maryland into the river. watch that flood stage, 18.08 now, but going to 1870, up another half foot by 8:00. that should be peak high water for this event. not account for any new rain as we may see monday but -- so far this is much better. irene, we had not only about
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ten inches of rain, then lee came in right behind. gave us another ten inches. it's a double or more than double effect of what we got out of this one super storm. pretty good down the river. lot of water moving this is from the tidewater marina. lookinga crowd toward cecil from hartford. tough to find any sun here at summit ridge and same in dundock. little bit of bright sun on the horizon toward the east. there was sun down toward the beach but none of that here in baltimore. we have 49, with the winds west at 12. sunset at 6:05. don't forget to fall back an hour. sandy, the impacts, so many different photographs, to me this is just coast to coast. north of the state line. you can't get to the access road here. they are working on it. they are bulldozing it out and we have feet of snow in western maryland. power outages across garret county. the maryland national guard and
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you can see why. darn good early november skiing though. winds now from the west, chilly night. cool on the way. temperatures in the 40s. yeah, it's a cool weather situation and kind of a gray gloomy one. that's going to hold up tomorrow as cool air fun he is in on the back side. once again even into saturday. looks like a crisp fall day. no question about that. again though we will continue to get the clouds and a few showers in tonight. the overall pattern shifting because sandy will stay parked over areas north of new york and that wrap around flow keeping the chill in the air, no question about that. winds out of canada out of the west and northwest. that's the pattern. tonight 37, damp and cold. tomorrow 53. not terrible but maybe a few breaks of sun late in the day. there we go the next few days, more 50s, sun on tap. again toward early next week looking at another chance for rain with a new system on monday. this will be no sandy.
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in the meantime don't forget to get ready to set the clocks or if you are -- like me you can wait up until two on saturday night and watch the cell phone --. >> i will go set mine the night before. >> gain an hour. >> we need that. >> all right. there is an election. >> really? >> for the first time since sandy made landfall both candidates are out on the trail. we are right there with them in washington tonight. looks like the campaigns are back in action. >> reporter: it seems like they have called off that temporary truce and with just five-days left until the election, both teams are making that last minute push for undecided voters. >> this election will have huge consequence. >> reporter: romney set his sights on havev. the president won the state in 2008 but now the republican candidate hopes to turn it red again. >> the obama folks are chanting four more years, but
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our chant is this, five more days. five more days. >> reporter: the latest poll in virginia shows it's to close to call. obama leads 49-47%. with in the margin of error. >> hello wisconsin. >> reporter: the president started his three state swing in paul ryan's home state where he asked for more time to finish the job. >> as long as there is a single american who wants a job but can't find one our work isn't done. >> reporter: rounding out his day campaign stops in nevada and colorado. it combined 15elect, roal votes. the running mates also out in full force. four campaign events between the two. in iowa, the vice president accused the romney campaign of flip-flopping. > >> they are shameless. >> reporter: in colorado paul ryan argued the obama policies aren't working >> reporter: over the next several days you can expect to see more events just like those
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in the remaining swing states. also though don't be surprise fire department the campaigns -- surprised if the campaigns decide to add extra stops. >> talked more about where they will be so tell us in the remaining days where. >> reporter: this is going to be one busy schedule for both of them. let's start with romney and show you what he will be up too tomorrow. he will travel to wisconsin and ohio and then over the weekend he will make five more trips to different states. moving onto obama tomorrow he will be in ohio as well and then he will visit six other battleground states over the weekend. we found out from the obama campaign that the president plans to hold his final event on monday in des moines iowa. no word on what romney plans to do. >> five more days. tonight in washington. thank you. >> the election is almost here but after a months of campaigning this little girl
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has had enough. after listening to politics on npr with year mom the 4-year- old just broke down. >> i'm tired of -- of obama and romney. >> that's why you're crying? >> npr sent her a pen and apology, saying sorry we made you cry about --. >> it doesn't get any bigger than the cma awards. we have them right here tonight. >> abc 2news. audrey godfrey catching the buzz. >> reporter: its music city's most memorandum afterrable night -- memorable night. nashville's night to sign. there is no wondering why.
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they. >> getting in and practicing through it and trying to pick little things and figure outletting things that could make the preform come across better on tv and right here in thea rene a. >> reporter: the audience a who is who of country music mega stars. blake shelton. keith urban and taylor swift. she is riding high on the success of her album red and is the only female up for entertainer of the year. > the. >> the feeling so amazing of like just celebration and joy and appreciation. >> reporter: leading the pack of nominees. >> one of the new -- eric --. >> reporter: he is up for five awards and speaking that have it's the 5th year in a row the show is hosted by carrie underwood and braid paisley. >> she is this protector of mine. i sort of go off a little bit and a little goofy.
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>> stars here also have their minds on those in the northeast still dealing the effects of sandy. brad and carrie are expected to urge people to donate to the red cross. in nashville. >> and you can catch the awards right here on abc2 tonight at eight and that's followed by us on abc 2news at 11. >> first a look at what's happening apt at six. water onto york for hours. the areas you will want to avoid. and great report cards. a look at the life that have week's local student athlete of the week. that and a lot more coming up at six but take a preview of what's ahead. >> what drives obama and romney not just as candidates but as people? the president, diane sawyer, invade the oval office. a portrait of the candidate. the two day series starts
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. abhijit attempt to illegally cross the united states border was a major failure. smugglers tried to drive this jeep over a 14-foot high border fence in arizona using a makeshift ramp. they and they say the jeep got stuck. the suspects ran back into mexico. agents removed the jeep and the ramp. >> wow. looked like a bubble bath in the middle of the street in japan. what happened? i will tell you. a small truck hit a fire sprinkler pipe in tokoyo.
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mounds of foam poured out. police say nobody was hurt because of this. i have seen salmon swim upstream but never saw them swim in a street. >> you should see this video. fishing has never been easier than this. this is nathan county washington. the roads are flooded sot salmon are in the area swimming upstream. on the roads -- he will go fishing, snatching them up. you see how he grabs one with his mouth and just walk asacria. that was probably the easiest catch he ever had. bringing home dinner for the family. >> all right. >> after a wet and windy start to the week we are look forward to a weekend hopefully without rain. >> look at what you can expect as clean up continues coming up on the news at six which starts right now. >> you're watching the station that works for you. now, abc 2news at six. >> we are still recovering
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sandy but now crews have another problem to deal with. the areas you need to avoid tonight because of water main breaks. . and stabbed -- >> and conditions are still so bad in atlantic city. . and police need your help trying to find a man who committed a sex offense in a local family dollar store. what they say about his appearance that would make him stand out. >> 40 homes and businesses without water right now. just hours after water started coming out on york road. >> officials with the department of public works say it happened in the 4600 block of york road and people had to be evacuated. the water was rushing by so fast people parked nearby barely had a chance to react. >> i came out the water was so high it was almost into the car. i had to move the car. i figured it would be some


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